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Founded in 2014, X-Sense is a global leader in home safety products, including smoke alarms. High-tech corporation engaged in the development and manufacturing of home security products, smart home devices, electronic beauty devices, and more. Top-quality products with BSI (EN Standards)and ETL (UL Standards) Certifications and modern design

X-Sense provides a variety of smoke detectors, including 10-year sealed smoke alarms and 5-year interconnected smoke alarms with replaceable batteries. Equipped with advanced photoelectric sensors, X-Sense alarms can quickly detect dangerous smoke levels and reduce false alarms. A wire-free design makes X-Sense products easy to be installed anywhere, such as bedrooms, basements, dining rooms, utility rooms, and hallways. 10-year sealed smoke alarms utilize built-in lithium batteries for 10 years of continuous power, and monitor constantly even if there is a power failure. X-Sense 5-year interconnected smoke alarms also feature intelligent interconnection, enabling all interconnected alarms to alert when one alarm detects smoke or fire.