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“We are so grateful and happy that we put our trust in your product.

Everything in it [was] safe [with] no trace of burn…  We are now very excited knowing that [the safe] has a guarantee and will be replaced with a new one.”

-Mr. & Mrs. Ronaldo & Estelita O.,Sept. 2015


   “We’re very surprised to find that our documents    
    [were]  still undamaged.  We are very happy and            
good thing we bought
   a Sentry
®  vault." 

-Mr. Julio T., Dec. 2015

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“…our Sentry®Safe was damaged by fire last Dec. 2014 but the
documents inside are still intact and readable."

-Mr. Jose A.,  Dec. 2014


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“I was very satisfied and impressed with the quality and durability of the Sentry® Safe, even under the duress of fire…  Although the dials and lock [had] melted off, the body of the safe remained intact and protected my valuables fully.  The fire raged for more than 3 hours and the safe was at the center of ground zero.”

- Ms. Anna Lizza E., July 2014